The Tangent "A Spark In the Aether"

The Tangent "A Spark In the Aether"



"Well, one thing, when (The Tangent) go back to doing what they do best, Progressive Rock, with the heavy emphasis on ‘Rock’, there are few to touch them. The insightful, humorous lyrics and excellent musicianship that have always been a cornerstone of this band are there in spades. ‘A Spark in the Aether’ has bucket loads of funk, jazz, prog and rock and is as essential a purchase as you can get this early in the musical year, gentlemen, I salute you!"

Written by Martin Hutchinson for his new site Progradar - you can find the full review there.

The new album with its classic Ed Unitsky sleeve will be the Eighth official studio release by the band now in its twelfth year of existence. It's gong to be available on CD, Download and DOUBLE VINYL album.....

Andy Tillison: "This is an album that seeks to return to the core of what The Tangent means to me... after our big orchestral opus that we delivered in "Le Sacre Du Travail" we're, to an extent, reining in the instrumentation to the 5 piece electric Prog Rock band and focussing a little more on that all-important second word of the genre name 'Rock'. At least (grins with less than average teeth) for the first half!"

Ian Oakley, long term friend of the band and former manager: " "This is my favourite Tangent album in years. Full of thoughtful and amusing lyrics, singalong melodies, uplifting choruses, great guitar and synth leads (and just wait till you hear the brass!) Real "Prog & Roll""

A.S.I.T.Æ. is not without its ambitious pieces though. The one "long" track The Celluloid Road (which occupies the whole of side 3 of the vinyl edition), is a nostalgic, wistful and humorous journey across the USA from coast to coast, using famous movies and TV programmes as the landmarks along the way. The group does expand into larger intrumentation here, this time into the world of brass sections which are used to evoke the atmospheres of shows and films like Kojak, Ironside, Dirty Harry, Shaft, Easy Rider, Thelma & Louise, Breaking Bad, Pulp Fiction, and more.

Dirty Harry. made in the same year as "Fragile" by Yes

The album, overall, has a somewhat familiar theme....

"I think there's an element of it being "The Music That Died Alone 2" smiles Andy. "A lot of the subject matter in the lyrics to the first few songs is revisiting the state of Progressive Rock 12 years after the original album was made. That's obviously been a big big change. There's no apparent sign of the music being dead at all... but I still feel we have dangers and that we're not out of the woods yet. We all have a part to play in the development of this genre and becoming stilted and over safe is not the way to play this game. We need to support the younger guys as much as possible."

The Musicians featured on the project are:

Andy Tillison Diskdrive: Keyboards & Vocals

Luke Machin: Guitar

Jonas Reingold: Bass Guitar

Theo Travis: Saxes & Flutes

Morgan Agren: Drums

There were no guest appearances after all - the band deciding to work in the classic 5 piece lineup.

The album is due for release on 20th April 2015 in Europe and 21st April 2015 in the US.